Welcome to the ALFE Obsidian Portal page.

The ALFE Pathfinder group’s mission is to create a guild over the course of their adventures. They will be creating connections with NPCs, and ultimately forming enough connections to create a working guild.

This page will be used to give information to our members. You can look at the Adventure Log to see what has been going on in the campaign, go to the Characters menu to see who is being played by who. Also, the Characters menu holds information about NPCs in the campaign.

I would also like to see a character bio for your character. If you need help knowing what to write, talk a look at Zach, Pack Mule’s character, he did an excellent job creating a background.

Note to players: when you take a rank in a class skill, you get an extra +3 in that skill. so a 10 dex rogue who puts one rank into stealth will have +4, not +1. Also, each pc gets a favored class, and when they take a level in this class they get the choice of +1hp or 1 extra skill point. This includes 1st level. – Pack_Mule

Everyone please read the Hero Points page. We will be utilizing this system to an extent. You all start play with one point. For creating a bio of your character you will also receive one more point.

Adventurers Looking For E

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